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Jun 18, 2019
With g8 lens and would you need 2 in parallel?
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May 14, 2011
Please don't double post back to back--very frowned upon on LPF --use the edit feature to consolidate multiple messages.

The above aside, doubt you are going to find anyone with a 1W+ 10440 powered tiny host because of heat dissipation and thermal overload/runaway problems + low mA battery tiny battery makes doing so a waste of an expensive good diode, driver and lens about a $160 combo on DTR's site: https://sites.google.com/site/dtrslasershop/home/diodes/ndg-1w-520nm
A tiny 10440 host will have an extremely short runtime before a 1W green diode overheats in a tiny host and that battery will need a recharge in a very short while

If you have to have, for whatever reasons, what you are asking about then ask Lifetime17 if he will make you an all copper small host for 1W green diode and 10440 battery---maybe he would make one for you? Ask him via PM.

As members paul1598419 and lifetime17 have said before:
paul1598419: "Using 10440 cells to power this high powered laser is not a great idea. These green diodes put out a lot of heat making them run very hot in tiny EDC hosts. I can see the attraction for having such a powerful diode in a tiny host, but expect very short run times. And these tiny batteries will also give you short run times between charges. Green diodes have high forward voltages that pull more power out of batteries than red or blue diodes."

"Hi, Yes those 10440's are only good for a Single Mode 520, larger than that duties are very short and they get very hot so keep those duties down.
Anyway have fun and be safe."

Re: NDG7D75TE diode --only one selling a 1.6W 525nm Gball lens diode that can probably be oushed to 2W is this guy in China @ about $110 + shipping --nobody else bothering with it. https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?sp....82927.0&id=620911358015&last_time=1592719725
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