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Hi! Happy to be here from the PNW!


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Oct 11, 2021
Hi Everybody!

I really appreciate what you’re doing here. I come from an acoustics background as a musician and hobbyist recording engineer who’s dipped my toes into professionalism a few times. At the end of the day though it’s all waves anyway, isn’t it? Waves, particles and then turtles all the way down.

I’ve only just gotten into lasers over the last couple of months. I started off looking into what’s new with flashlights. When I discovered LEPs (holy crap!), I made the jump over to lasers. I’ve been reading everything I can find but there’s definitely a lot of info and a low ceiling for beginning to learn. I’ll get through in time. I love science but math and physics not so much… and I prefer my academia watered down so it’s easy to get my head spinning in rabbit holes for the time being lol. That’s fine because there’s plenty just to learn about what lasers are out there and safety.

I’ve had a Maxtoch LEP on the way for a couple of weeks and just ordered my first handhelds, one from Jetlasers and one from Sanwu. First and last for a while (sheesh, why do always fall for the expensive hobbies?). After reading a pretty scary thread here about trusted lower cost protected eyewear I’ll have to wait until I save up for some kick-butt and certified eyewear to try out my handhelds. No big deal though: safety first.

In the meantime I’ll sit back and mostly lurk and read, especially the newbie threads, to make sure that whatever I do here will be constructive and hopefully fit well with the LPF culture.

Thanks and see you around!



Sep 1, 2020
Hey!! Welcome to the forums!

First off, its great to have a new member that cares for their own safety! We're here to help ya with any queries you may have, and always happy to help you understand what you may not in the world of lasers!

Have fun with those LEP's, and always be safe! I personally use an Eagle Pair of goggles and they work great!

So enjoy this wonderful hobby and have fun!