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Hey guys!


Jan 20, 2013
Hey, I used to post on these forums some years ago when I was around 12-13 because I was incredibly interested in lasers. Back then I owned a couple of high powered ones that I have no clue how I convinced my parents to buy and fortunately I still have my vision today. Anyway, I feel like I'm basically new again because I haven't screwed around with the things in years. I'm getting really interested in electronics though, and my love for lasers has never disappeared. I'm back here because I want to learn more about electronics and especially lasers. If anyone could point me in the direction of some guides that are useful for beginners I would greatly appreciate it! I figure the first thing (other than laser safety) that I should understand is how the laser drivers actually work and what all of the components do so I can properly build my own.

Looking forward to hanging around here again.