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Hello from NW Indiana



I know, you're thinking of corn. And you're not wrong. Drive anywhere for 10 miles, and you will hit corn country. I live in Dyer, a town south of Gary, IN - the murder capital of the world. I'm in to lucid dreaming and djent (a syncopated genre of metal).
I got into lasers after being disappointed by button battery keychain lasers. It lead to a couple of 10mw pens from eBay, and then a poorly made '200mw' 532, then an equally disappointing '100mw' 405. I was ecstatic when I finished putting together my first laser module at 405nm under 50mw. But it left me with a hunger for more power:) You know how it is.

I wish I could thank everyone on the forum for making lasers easy to understand
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