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Hello from Northern California


Oct 24, 2013
Hello Everyone,

This isn't my first post here and I have been lurking for a few weeks but lasers seem to have taken over my brain and I will probably stick around for a while so I decided I should actually do a introduction thread.

I was born and raised in very northern California and I am living "down south" in San Jose, CA now. I am a mid thirties male with a hard sciences background and most of my professional experience is doing high throughput chemical research with robots. The only lasers we use are the ones in barcode scanners. :(

Being a geek I have always been fascinated by lasers and I have wanted visible beams for as long as I can remember. I moved through the "power over all" phase before my first >1W laser even arrived. Now I prize beam quality though wavelength collecting will probably come after. I feel this forum has and will help my eight year old self reach fulfillment (while still being able to see too! A major bonus). :thanks:

Sadly I have more money than free time so I will probably will not work on too many personal laser projects myself but I love seeing all the very impressive work done by the members here and maybe I can help fund something interesting. :bowdown:

I have learned a lot already and I hope to learn more.



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Oct 27, 2011
Welcome to LPF , interesting intro And you're at the right place we all somehow share the same enthusiasm that brings us here. Good luck, Be Safe :beer: