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Hello all, Im new to LPF


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Feb 16, 2019
I have wondered how close to 150 mW that 488nm laser is. The diode they use is a Sharp 490nm diode that can measure anywhere from 487nm to 492nm. But, unless you use a short focal length aspheric lens, it is difficult to get 150mW out of it. Those lenses give a rectangular artifact off to the side of the focused dot, so you need to use an acrylic lens or a 520nm AR coated 2 element glass lens which loses up to 20% of your power by using one. Typically, one wouldn't want top drive these much past 300 mA, so you are limited in just how much optical power you can get out of these diodes.

I understand what you mean, although as my knowledge is very limited with some of the things you mentioned, I do understand. As for now, until my knowledge grows I’m more like one of those people that says “Oooohh look at that pretty color.!! I do not have a power meter yet, I am thinking of purchasing one in the near future to measure any and all of my existing lasers.
In an email exchange with Francis at Sanwu, I was inquiring which lenses they use for some of the purchases I have made , and according to them, they typically put a G7 in most of their products , unless you ask differently . But that may also be the default lens with their higher mw rated lasers But you are right they definitely have an artifact on the edges ...
When I finally get a power meter, all recommendations are greatly appreciated, I will take measurements and post them as I do !