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Googles for 125mW Green

Jul 20, 2010
Well I may have decided on a 125mW Aries from LaserGlow, now I want to be sure I am choosing the best safety goggles.

#1 - Lasershades from Wicked Lasers:

I've heard these are approx. OD 3 and that they are pretty good for the money. These are not certified that I know of, are they good enough for close burning with 125 mW of green? I think the dot would be harder to see with these if they truly are OD3.

#2 - Lasershields from LaserGlow:

These are OD 2 and are certified :yh: but I've heard they can make the dot hard to see, will they be safe enough for sustained burning with 125 mW of green?

Is there a comparable pair of certified goggles for 532nm that are OD 3?

Oh, and LaserGlow does offer OD 7 goggles, but they will be too powerful yes?

Any suggestions?

Jul 25, 2008
I would go with the LaserGlow goggles. If the Wicked Goggles were really OD 3, the dot would be harder to see than the LaserGlow goggles. I wouldn't recommend getting uncertified goggles - You only get one pair of eyes.

And, the OD 7 ones would most likely be too strong, you probably wouldn't see much of a dot at all.

Also, check out the goggles from NOVAlasers. The goggles they sell are also certified, and cheaper, IIRC. They also have a higher OD of 4 or 5. I have no trouble seeing the dot of my 100mW green laser with the NovaShields Pro.
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