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Golden Sun 2Watt 450nm focusable laser from O-Like.


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Mar 17, 2006
I've had this laser for about a month and today I finally decided to write up a little review. I had to wait for my eagle pair safety goggles to arrive before doing any burning with this laser.

I measured the current draw at roughly 1.6 amps drawn from two 18650's in series. This laser has a slight .5ish second delay after clicking the tailcap before it powers up. I'm kinda curious about what driver they used for this laser. If the batteries fall too low the laser starts operating in pulsed mode. You can actually hear a whine from the driver when this happens. On fresh batteries it operates in CW mode.

As for the other attributes, I'll say that this laser is quite stunning to look at and has quality machining and threads. The host seems to be made of polished brass if I had to guess. It's non-magnetic and too heavy to be aluminum.

As for the power, I unfortunately don't own a meter yet. I will say that it easily lights matches and scraps of newspaper on fire.

~Overall ratings~
Looks: 10/10
Value: 8/10. Pretty decent deal imo. Slightly pricier than other options, but you gotta pay for looks.
Functionality: 9/10. No real complaints about the function of this laser. On fresh batteries it burns well and lights paper on fire. Spectacular beam outside at night. It seems to be heatsinked pretty well judging by how quickly I'll feel the host getting warm when I use this laser. I wish I knew why it goes into pulsed operation when the batteries start to go, but oh well.
Other: The batteries that came with this laser are terrible. No-Name 18650's and the output drops off within 4-5 minutes. After 10 minutes or so the laser doesn't want to burn anymore and starts going into pulsed mode.

Link to laser
Golden Sun Powerful 2W blue laser 450nm laser torch/focusable [OL-2WBT] - $139.99 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce
Youtube video showing it lighting matches and igniting a piece of paper. Didn't even need to focus it for this. Just left it focused to infinity.

Photos showing current draw and pulsed operation that occurs when batteries start to sag.

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