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first buring laser


New member
Jun 26, 2012
I have wanted a burning laser for a long time now and I'm wondering how powerful a 100mw, 650nm (or red) laser is:D. my first question is I have looked at a 100mw red laser for 11$ off o-like and learned their a reputable website. When you point its unfocused beam is the laser dot powerful enough to harm other people, do all spectators need laser glasses even if i don't hit them and they are just looking at the beam and dot? With a 100mw red lasers is the risk getting hit with it in the eye or even just looking at it? my next question is how quickly would a 10omw red laser cause eye damage if flashed on the naked eye. Also will the beam be visible in daylight? I will have laser shades and will an unfocused 100mw red light matches?

Thank you for your time:yh: