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Finally a post of my first build(s) ever! [images]


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Apr 4, 2011
It all started with a cheap 5mw 650nm I got from dealaday.com. I got a 9led flashlight that also had this laser pointer in it. Cost me $1. Runs on 3 AAA batts.

Don't remember how I stumbled upon this website.. point is that I DID :) and read how you can build a burning laser with the red laser from a DVD burner. You may laugh at this, but I was honestly very skeptical, even after seeing videos. After harvesting a using and killing a DVD burner 650 diode, I tentatively purchased a 20X 650 diode, rckstr driver and aixiz module from Senkat and he was nice enough to throw in an 18x 650 diode for free - JUST in case I killed my other diode. Great guy! I wish his store didn't get deleted. :(

I couldn't believe my goggle protected eyes! His business card was burning! haha I was hooked.

I converted a 9 led flashlight I got from Home Depot for $1 in my first ever laser host. My neighbor machined out a heatsink for me and I got some 3v lith ion CR123s. My first completely finished build. You can see it in the silver grey host next to my $1 5mw in the red host. Image 1.

Next I got 2 A140s. My neighbor machined out and created some ugly beastly hosts purely for excellent heat dissipation. I call them the Quassimoto. I added some toggle switches in the cap for some fun flare. His 445 is driven by the common 445/405 driver you see that is set for "1W Nichia 445" with an aixiz module, 445nm glass lens, powered by 1 Ultrafire 3000mah lith-ion.
MY 445 required a last minute brass pipe extension to house 2 18650 batts as I built my own linear driver with the LM317. My driver is set to 1300mA for diode longevity.

IF you can notice it, my 445 is actually a lighter shade of blue. In person it is very noticeably lighter in color.

I actually didn't know much about electronics or have the money for this hobby, but I quickly learned from the great many virtual pages of knowledge on this site and my wallet has nothing but moths living in it now. THANK YOU to all who have left reviews and instructions, guides and suggestions! I have learned a lot and am thoroughly enjoying this newfound hobby!

Plans for my next builds: My own boost driver with the LM4310, 12X 405nm, in a prettier custom machined host with custom machined module and G2 lens.

Enjoy the pics!

Image 1. Red Host. 1st Build

Yes, these blinds were burnt in the taking of these pictures!

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