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DX >200MW (SOLD)


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Nov 9, 2007
This item has sold, and thus, no longer for sale :-? ;D

I bought a >200MW green from DX. It works perfectly, although I can't vouch for actual power output. It lights matches and burns dark plastic. There is very little run time on it. I'd estimate less than 1 hour (I'm still using the original set of lithiums that I put in when it was new, and they run strong.)
I also have 2 sets of red DeWalt goggles to go along with the deal. While the goggles won't protect you from the IR output they will protect you from the over-the-top green light output (which, in my opinion, is far more dangerous than the IR output...This thing is BRIGHT!). When I first got it and showed my wife outside after dark she said, and I quote:"HOLY SHIT! That is a light saber!!!"
Let's just say it would make an exceptional star pointer.
I will include the laser pen, goggles (2), and a fresh set of lithium batteries for $120. Shipping will be an additional $10 for priority mail.
I will only accept a postal money order as payment.
If you are interested please PM me and we'll set up the deal.
Basically you'll be paying the same price as a new DX 200mw, but get 2 sets of goggles and lithium batteries and know that customs won't take it!
Please be over 18 years old, and have tons of common sense to buy this thing. I consider it to be very dangerous.
Thanks for looking and have a great day! :)

I have marked this laser as sold pending reciept of payment