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Daytime hunting pointer, need opinions.


New member
Apr 23, 2019
Hello all.
Twice a year my friends & I go shoot prairie dawgs in New Mexico for a couple of ranchers there. They are destructive pests that normally get poisoned by farmers & ranchers. We all search with binoculars & take turns shooting. Generally around 100-150 yds.
The big problem is pointing out the area where they are seen to the other guys. The ground vegetation tends to look too similar to use as area focal points when directing the other's vision.
I'd love to find (an affordable) high power laser that we could use. Don't care about burning abilities, visual beams or particular color. If it had a bright enough 'dot' we could aim it on the ground close by (& while watching it) move the dot in the direction of the seen dawg stopping on some vegetation near it. One of us shoots it while the others watch the hit. (again, around 100-150 yds. in daylight)
I tried one of those china made 'high power' laser pointer sold on eBay... well you know how that turned out. :cry:
Please steer me in the right direction. (Oh, it will not be used on any shiny surfaces for eye concerns)