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Danish guy looking to buy a Laser


New member
Aug 19, 2021
Hey everyone!

I just joined the forum yesterday after deciding to get back into Lasers after a loooong hiatus. Way too long... Last time I bought a laser I was 15, now I am 20 hahaha.

I am mainly looking to buy a 1W green laser, but less strength is fine too. I'm saying mainly because I love all lasers.

I myself am from Copenhagen so I am willing to meetup in all of zealand or even skåne in sweden.
(yes I am aware swedish boys have weaker lasers but if you throw me a good price then we have a deal) ;)

Other than that if anyone else here in Europe is looking to sell a similar laser please don't be shy.

PS: I am willing to prove my buyers authenticity through any means possible! So you have nothing to fear.

PPS: I am glad to be back :)