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Building my first DIY red from 16x burner...

Nov 27, 2007
well months ago, i built my first diy 405nm out of a weak 360 hd dvd drive. it worked fine and all cept the lens was popped loose and i ended up breaking it trying to remove it.
months pass as i was saddened by that.
now i wanna use the same host for my first diy red 16x drive
the drive itself says for the dvd diode: 86mW max, cd: 129mW max
not too interested in the ir one just yet...
anyways, my host runs on 2 cr123 rechargables and i would love to keep this host as it was $30 and i'm broke, just bought new laptop.
any advice from experiences? i was looking to build the driver myself but not sure i've seen many schematics for runnin a 16x red on 2 cr123 batteries.
thx for any advice