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Advice on laser for engraving


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May 20, 2013
Hello! What a big time since my last activity! :)

I have a laser printer/engraver that is powered by a 1,6W 450nm laser module and I can get pretty sharp and deep contrast pictures on MDF sheets.

The best speed for printing is 1400mm/min which is very slow, but was the fastest the machine could achieve when it was assembled. Now, it was optimized and can go as fast as 2500mm/min, the maximum speed I tried was 2000mm/min which prints a image that lacks the deep contrast.

The size of my machine is 305X600mm, when printing a full size image, the time needed ranges between 20 and 22 hours.
I also use the machine to cut EVA sheets (cuts at 250mm/min speed) and would like to use it to cut 3mm MDF, but since I don't have air assist it is not the priority.

I'm willing to upgrade the laser module so the image get's darker on fast speeds, I have choosen this module from Aliexpress, it has a great value and little price difference between 2,5W and 3,5W output.

Since I know the blue diodes are multimode ones, does increasing the power makes the printed image less detailed due to the bigger fat beam? If you have a better laser module to recomment from Aliexpress let me know. ;)