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a question about dichroic filters (and an introduction)


New member
Jun 12, 2021

I am primarily a digital and analog electronics hobbyist, but recently I have garnered an interest in lasers, and done some basic research as well as lurked here without an account for a bit. So sorry if my question seems dumb, we all have to start somewhere 😅

I am looking to build my first diy laser pointer, around the continuous 24w range, alongside a custom pcb to drive it. I also want it to be invisible to the naked eye, and that is where my trouble comes in.

See, my problem is that I can’t find diodes above 1w, thus forcing me to combine multiple lasers. As the most efficient way to combine a lot of lasers is probably going to be a little knife edging combined with dichromatic filters, I needed to find a different wavelengths that are both within the visible range and have an acceptable percentage of one of them pass through the filter.

So, is there any lens that passes both 808nm and another invisible wavelength in the ir range? Is such a thing even possible?

Is this even something a newb can do?

Thanks for your attention.