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A pleasant surprise. E2 showed up


Dec 3, 2009
This is not much of a review. More, or less just a few pics to prove W/L does exist. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by Fed-Ex today, as they brought me a laser I had ordered in September (the Evo, gone E2, gone E3, back to E2), which I honestly forgot about. Aside from the ridiculous wait, I am pleased with the unit. Unlike my Arctic, everything on the host seems to line up nicely, (in all honestly my Arctic is pretty nice. I just can't stand that the "gripped" section does not line up with the switch). I haven't had a whole lot of time to play with it, as I am at work, but the dot and divergence seems pretty good. For the price I think this is a nice handy little laser that can be easily carried for general use. That's all you get, for now, as I am eagerly awaiting my Jet Lasers 800mW, 405nm PL-C to show up. Thanks for reading. Happy and safe lasing.;) - Corbin