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4.2W 465nm NUBM07E on Cypreus II XL 24k Gold Plated for sale at 400$ ALL INCLUSIVE!

Minamoto Kobayashi

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Aug 25, 2010
The sale of my collection go on ...
This time I want to sell one masterpiece of my collection.
Surely You cannot find anywhere a gold plated laser host!
This host has two gold coatings applied: the first 24k and the second 18K.
Why two coats?
Well, the colour of the 24k gold was not so beautiful .. it remember a lemon yellow, so I applied a second layer of 18k gold for a warm colour.
The applied layers was not too thin to avoid an early consumption and they cost me a fortune.
The total running time? I think no more than 1 hour!
You know, we maniacal collectionist we often go crazy: we will create a marvellous item and then we put it under a crypt
to protect it from .. what ???

The price is all-inclusive (Paypal fees and FedEx courier)

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Sep 20, 2013
I remember this build. I have a Cyprus II that I put a 635nm 1 watt into, but didn't plate it. It is a great all copper host that can take a lot more power than I put into it. Good luck.