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    a New sharp violet diode

    Interesting find. Looks like they have a couple other interesting diodes added to their lineup. Might be going in the UV direction now. GH04C05W9G (5W 435nm) GH0393AA2G (350mW 395nm) GH0406AA2G (600mW 405nm) They have 2 pages, presumably one for display, other for everything...
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    Searching: 475 / 480 nm Direct Diode

    Only a couple hundred of them were ever made. Due to rarity they're no longer cheap.
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    Searching: 475 / 480 nm Direct Diode

    I think a member here may still have a few, @Phillip
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    Building a orange (613nm) Laser from scratch with off-the-shelf parts (and for cheap!)

    Personally I think it would be more accurate to say 613nm has more red in it than 607nm having more yellow in it. Semantics. Pictures are difficult to give it justice, on my monitor your 622nm example is closest in color to my 607nm. They did that because they are different diodes. Structure is...
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    Building a orange (613nm) Laser from scratch with off-the-shelf parts (and for cheap!)

    May be worth looking into 622nm diodes. They need to run on a tec by default basically, though not sure how much they cost. Could be an option to give some tolerance on thermals. 607nm is pure orange, though I'd also expect 613nm to be just a different shade of orange. I wouldn't expect it to...
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    Driver for 488 Diode

    I had the same concerns at first but tried anyway, those work fine.
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    Looking for yellow laser

    Their ~545s are 808nm pumped. I have an opt head thats 976nm pumped, but I also have a ~575 thats 940nm pumped. Hard to say its only one crystal.
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    Looking for yellow laser

    They did make a batch of the pulsed 8mm 561's. I passed on them then they sold out. They are still pumping things out, just very slowly.
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    Looking for yellow laser

    They do produce the crystals themselves, I can ask what they are but I kind of doubt they'll share.
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    Looking for yellow laser

    Yeah I'm still working with them on a date for a restock. Currently "probably closer to end of april". Sounds to me like they only have the capacity to make 10-20 at a time. I've expressed interest in 555nm, 561nm and 574nm to them.
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    Red Diode GB... Maybe?

    For 50mW it's not really special enough. Laserlands has cheap 15mW 685's on ebay in a module with a driver built in. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Laserland-12-35mm-15mW-685nm-Red-Dot-Laser-Diode-Module-LD-3-2VDC-Focusable/193717988132?hash=item2d1a7deb24:g:sdkAAOSwzA9gNaIk Below is the spectro...
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    Does anyone know where to find a cheap 473nm?

    Yeah for those 50 bucks is the most I'd pay because of the hours on the head
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    does anyone know where to get a 575 or 561nm dpss laser module (has to be small enough to fit in a pointer, and any power is fine starting from 1mw)

    Neither place has any in stock right now. I have one of the 545 line units, just with the line lens removed. Thick anodization so polarity isn't an issue. Dimensions are a mess but I was able to jam it into a cheap pen.