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    395nm 5mw laser pointer

    Nothing that is easy to find at the moment. Your best bet is GH0393AA2G from Sharp, though it's rated for 300mW. You can probably drive it pretty low. Group buy may or may not happen here https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/sharp-395nm-300mw-diode-gh0393aa2g.108325/ Can I ask why? I own one...
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    Anyone know where I can find a Nichia NDB4816 or equivalent?

    Absolutely true, but I argue it also goes down to use cases. Is the lifetime a problem for the OP? If its just a pointer project, $20 to replace a blown overdriven diode isn't too bad considering the cost of something actually specced there or higher. If it's for something scientific or being...
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    Anyone know where I can find a Nichia NDB4816 or equivalent?

    See PLT5 450B for ~300mW I don't think anybody here posted testing results on Sharp's GH04580A2G, being nobody has I'd err on the side of the osram diode being superior. Any particular reason you need single mode over multimode?
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    Osram PLT5 488NM Diode In DTR 20MM Laser Module With G-2 Lens With Driver + Lots Of Extras

    Yeah I'm all over that M462 lol. @farbe2 - This osram diode does not have the square box reflection, one of their selling points that they actually advertise though of course I'm struggling to find it now. Similar to what you've done here, they darken the die and substrate and I believe also...
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    My Rainbow -- Post Pic's of Yours

    I only really added fog to make the beams more visible. However, it is also true that the 505nm is maybe 30mW and the 405 and 650 are closer to 300mW. I excluded my 1.5W 532nm to avoid washing out the picture, and avoided 355nm because that is totally invisible to my camera
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    My Rainbow -- Post Pic's of Yours

    Wall plug lasers I own, minus 532 and 355. 405/450/473/488/505/561/575/589/607/635/650 I want to get a pic of my entire sig, but I have to get a camera that can handle the green-yellow range, and a few more odd diodes to fill in the remaining gaps.
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    2W 484nm Diode

    If these end up cheap I'll be sure to make some noise about it. Unfortunately unless your budget is 5 figures that won't happen anytime soon hak
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    Helping AAA Batts Make Contact in 637nm Viper

    Yes you'll want some additional metal in there. Risky in my opinion to try stretching out the spring, but it's most likely the spring getting deformed over time in there. It happens. Less likely but possible the entire module shifted forward, you'd notice the button not pressing correctly as...
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    2W 484nm Diode

    Yep diode is rated for 2W. Keep me in the loop, I'm interested as long as the size is manageable for something portable.
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    WTB a CNI DPSS laser pointer, GLP or PGL

    Wouldn't have posted if I wasn't ;) I paid 320 on the assumption I would fix it, since that that wavelength is no longer offered. What's your take on its worth?
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    WTB a CNI DPSS laser pointer, GLP or PGL

    If you're interested in projects, I have a 593.5 that only occasionally lases that wavelength, when it wants to. Its just the module in a custom host, not the original from cni. Bought it sort of as a project, but never had the time or motivation to do much with it. I suspect most of the...
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    2W 484nm Diode

    Hey everybody, I got something crazy again. After over 10 years in the hobby I finally managed to get my hands on my dream laser. I spent some time talking with @Phillip here about some odd laser diodes he can get his hands on, and our discussion drifted in the direction that I already have a...
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    anyone have any GH0406AA2G diodes they can spare?

    Likely not going to see much difference between the two considering how we can already push the 4W10 ones well past 1.5W. See here to compare specs: http://global.sharp/products/device/lineup/selection/led_laser/laser/index3.html
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    Is the "UV Handheld Laser Engraving Kit" legit?

    Those 375s were Ushio, not nichia. Otherwise agree, phillip is the way to go right now for one. Though a word of warning, those diodes are very sensitive to heat and have an operating range of 20-30C. I'd hate like heck to see one die from what usually gets considered normal use. Sharp is...
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    Thorlabs Laser Diode L638P200

    Pretty sure Thorlabs themselves manufacture it.