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    Buying and selling through the forums

    If you haven't noticed already, that was posted 6 years ago.
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    100 - 150 mw laser under 30-40$?

    Damn, didn't realize how expensive this was going to get, I'll stick with a cheap 5 mw laser and the 200 mw laser.
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    100 - 150 mw laser under 30-40$?

    I'll save up for the Sci Fi lasers 200 Mw version. As for batteries, does it accept 18650s? And would Samsung 25rs be a good choice?, rated for 20 amps continous and 2400 mah IIRC. And if I possible a 20-30 mw laser that I can build myself, also going to need help on this. Is it hard? What...
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    FOR SALE: Going going gone sale!!!

    Re: FS: FREE BATTERIES- Paracord Bullwhip, Lasers, Flashlights, JADD Kits, PBS Cube & Is a laser easy to put together for a beginner? What would I need and where could I get it?(Preferably cheap)
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    100 - 150 mw laser under 30-40$?

    Are the skylasers durable? I'm new to lasers in general, I've only had the cheap keychain laser pointers before, so I don't know the different kinds, I just read that the beam with DDPS is unstable at colder temperatures, does this apply to all kinds? What lasers would you recommend, if I had...
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    100 - 150 mw laser under 30-40$?

    Does that mean an avatars/signature as well? Sorry, don't know the proper forum etiquette here.
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    100 - 150 mw laser under 30-40$?

    I know it's a bit of a strech, but do are there any (decent) lasers for this amount? I don't have much and I'd like to spend the rest on a pair of 25rs and a Nitecore I2 charger