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    The batteries' struggle

    Boost drivers anyone?
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    The batteries' struggle

    Sounds about right. But you'll find more long-term happiness if you choose batteries capable of at least twice what you actually expect you'll need. The lower the internal resistance of the battery the better. A battery with twice the mAh rating is no better than a lower rated cell if it...
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    Wicked Laser X10 beam expander

    There may be some here who can answer your questions but you may have to wait a while. WL was (is) such a ripoff they don't get a lot of respect around here. That being said, I wouldn't mind having one of their original 473nm Spyder lasers.
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    The batteries' struggle

    Power=volts x amps If you double the battery voltage, a good driver will cut the current draw by half. If your laser will achieve full power with a good 18650 I'd go with that and use a protected cell. The 18350 types are usually unprotected, meaning you can drain them enough to ruin them...
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    Reliable red dot laser module?

    Dirt cheap, and this one's been going for years: https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/the-little-diode-that-could.86460/
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    🔋Battery Help, Please!🔋 I ordered a Sanwu 1.6w 525nm Ranger and 492nm Red Guardian!🤘😆

    Now THAT would be a unique wavelength ;-)
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    Duty Cycle of Sanwu “Laser Ranger”

    OK, first things first. If you're set on starting with 1 watt+ then before you ever order the laser ORDER SAFETY GOGGLES! 1.2 or 1.6 watts is plenty to burn your house down accidentally. That's enough power to screw up your eyes.....for life.......in an instant of inattention.
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    How many Amps should a NUBM44 draw?

    If it was running at 4+ amps you wouldn't be able to hold it in place with your finger like that. A heat sink that small would heat up to boiling in 30 seconds with that diode. If you have a DMM check the voltage at the diode pins. Your power supply voltage may be getting eaten by lead...
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    laser burnout problems

    That just sounds like too much current. Too low a voltage won't damage the diodes. Try an LM317 driver with an adjustment pot and turn it up slowly. And build a test load for dialing in your driver. Search this forum if you want instructions on that.
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    laser burnout problems

    What are you using for a heat sink?
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    Super duper high powered lasers

    We need more efficient lasers 👽
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    Super duper high powered lasers

    It's a super short, super high intensity pulse coming out of this thing. I don't think heating or ablation as we usually think about them applies to a pulse like this. Think shock waves instead.
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    My laser is dead... help identify diode

    .........hate it when that happens 😫
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    My laser is dead... help identify diode

    Out of curiosity, how did it die? Heat, overcurrent, ESD?
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    Super duper high powered lasers

    That's 10 to the 23rd power watts/cm2. Frikin' bright!