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    Fog machines and smoke detectors

    Ha, funny you should bring this one up, I work at seaworld and we were trying to make a fog wall to project some video onto for Journey to Atlantis, after about 5 minutes of fog, the fire alarm went off and it emergency stopped the ride.. good times, we got many dirty looks that day, lol.
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    my battery cap...

    Well, i know what to do now, its really amazing, you e-mail sales@dragonlasers.com and tell them what part your missing, they make a money request to your paypal account, you ok the request and they send the part. I'm loving DL!
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    my battery cap...

    starfield and xy generators?
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    my battery cap...

    Do you get the whole "thats a waste of money" then 10 minutes later they are messing with it and having a blast?
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    my battery cap...

    I carry my laser to work with me ( Dragon laser 55mW) , and today i lost the battery cap, popped off and into the dirt somewhere, what can i do?
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    Seaworld Fireworks Show Jul-28-07

    I was watcing our nightly fireworks show tonight and someone was shooting their green beam into the smoke.. lol, ok.. come clean.. who was it? (even though i know its probably no one here) Its funny cause its my co-workers think its me, even though my Dragon Laser 55mW can not compete with the...
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    Very high powered lasers

    Is there any reason, say the lab lasers on dragon lasers, most of them are in mW, even though they are 1200mW or more?
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    55mW Dragon is here

    Well after messing with it for a while, I'm happy with this thing, i was able to hit a power line pole 1/2 a mile away with it. While it does heat up after about a minute of continuous use, i rarely have it on that long. The shell is really nice and solid feeling, i like the weight of it, it...
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    55mW Dragon is here

    I cant find my camera tripod =( hard to get good pics
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    55mW Dragon is here

    hawaiian punch stops my green, lol
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    55mW Dragon is here

    My 55mW dragon is here, and its way better than i thought it would be! Im charging camera batteries, 30 mins or so i will post some pics. *goes outside to make the neighbor kids wonder what that green thing is*
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    Dragon Lasers

    I feel better knowing others have had perfect relations with DL, i was kinda worried about ordering form china, with what they are doing down in Africa and such, and some people not liking what China is up to. Though its coming through USPS, id also be worried about that employee working late...
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    55mW for sky pointing

    Yah a 5 works, but whats the fun in that? lol really i am thinking about a laserglow 5mW to replace my ebaser though. Lyra-C5 maybe
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    Dragon Lasers

    I figured a 55mW name brand would be way better than my Ebaser, and a good benchmark to see if i want to get something more or from someone else. I saw windstring's story about the 4th, it really made me laugh when his friend called him about it. Though i don't have that much to spend on a...
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    Vote for your favorite laser company !

    Doom over modem.. Dwango? lol