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    Awaiting shipment!: ROUND 5!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy!

    Re: Taking payments: ROUND 5!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy! Sorry everyone, there was a death in my family, and I have been helping my father with the arrangements. I am just starting to get back to my online life. I will be sending payments tonight!
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    DAC for RGB

    Thanks swamidog, I appreciate the quick reply. I am still very interested in the GLS though...
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    DAC for RGB

    Does anyone know if the GLS/riya can be used with quickshow? I checked the product site and have looked around, and I didn't find anything definitive. hakzaw1, since I am about to purchase the LK-PD 500RGB PJ from jefferythe00, I was wondering if I could get a promo code for the GLS to help...
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    FS: LK-PD RGB projector + HID

    I am interested in the LK-PD RGB projector. PM Sent.
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    Awaiting shipment!: ROUND 5!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy!

    Re: OPEN: ROUND 5!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy! Thanks for confirming that for me!
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    Fs: lasers and lpm

    I might be interested in the 5 Watt laserbee power meter. A few questions first: How long have you had it? Did you buy it new? Or from another member of the LPF? And I do not see any cables/cords in the picture, I am assuming you just don't have it hooked up because it looks cleaner that...
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    Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight! Hands up if the moon doesn't scare you!

    That is an awesome picture!!! Thanks for sharing!
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    diffraction experiments

    Yeah, I had to re-read the OP and saw that as well. (the "most" part...) For Pedsam2, it will definitaly not be too powerful. Using a 500 line diffraction grating with a 5 mW laser should be adequate for the experiment. You will probably see a few lines on either side of the main line, but...
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    Second time around- 589 DL group buy feeler

    Totally interested! Email Sent.
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    Awaiting shipment!: ROUND 5!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy!

    Re: OPEN: ROUND 5!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy! I just wanted to confirm that for two HL lasers I ordered, the 520nm is the black medium sized host and the 445nm is the D50M(waterproof) host. I just don't see that in the second post for the orders. Also, my sig is updated to get the...
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    Awaiting shipment!: ROUND 5!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy!

    Re: OPEN: ROUND 5!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy! Hey offroadfreak8582, Here is my request for the GB. 50mW 515nM website price $73.80 Offroads GB price $60 (White) 130mW 635nM website price $57.40 Offroads GB price $47 (White) HL520- 150mW website price $131.20 Offroads GB price $115...
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    Dragon Lasers 589nm 50mw Handheld

    It is really not a problem, it was a first come first serve thing, so I am not upset about it. And it looks like a second GB maybe happening, so I am totally interested in it. And I am fine waiting a month. I'll be sending an email to you soon Jmillerdoc!
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    SOLD! 2x Kryton Grooves for 55 Shipped

    Re: FS: DL Beam Expander and Some Hosts And Thank you IsaacT for the quick shipping and good communication. I just can't decide what to put into the host!
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    Dragon Lasers 589nm 50mw Handheld

    Ahh, I am a bit sad as I was so close to getting it, oh well. It looks like I will try and find a way to get 589 in my collection through other means. Thanks though, for Keeping me in mind! And DB8088, I hope you enjoy an awesome laser! :beer:
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    4 new + 3 W Kryton Grooves!!

    Re: !!Price Drop!! 4 x 3 W Kryton Grooves for Sale! People, These are some amazing hosts, and along with the custom GITD job grainde has done anyone will be very happy to get one of these! Once I receive mine, I'll give a little unbiased review so everyone can see what it is like. :beer: