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    For all you burners out there

    I like when he heats up the rock! Makes me whant to build a big one to melt big rocks into thin tile.:eg: Edit: also mabe thats how the ancient egyptians were such good stonemasons?
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    Anyone bought from Tmart?

    Well I got my items on friday! Now there slightly higher princess make sence, thay just need to sell DIY flashlight parts and I might order from there more often for the fast shiping. The laser big surprise is only 56mW with freshly charged batteries. Tho it is very stable output for a pen...
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    Gatlin Host

    That is a nice looking host, if only the 5mm led's where not shoved in there. :cryyy:
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    Anyone bought from Tmart?

    Well I ordered a shiny laser & a light. I figure the laser will make a nice host if the module sucks. So well se if I get them. :tinfoil: 100mW 532nm Open-back Steel Green Laser Pointer for Sale at Tmart.com E27 1W 85-265V 1 LED Spotlight LED Bulb for Sale at Tmart.com
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    Anyone bought from Tmart?

    Bwahaha:crackup: 1000mW 8G Multifunction Vedio Flashlight Style Dazzling Green Laser Pointer Black for Sale at Tmart.com EDIT: Another funny one 1000mW High-power Kaleidoscopic Blue Laser Pointer Black for Sale at Tmart.com Same shit different pile, just my .2 cents.
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    What's your Dream LASER Diode - IF it were affordable? *Grand Purchase Plan*

    Dont get me wrong ill be buying a 300mW & some 30mW 635's. I was only trying to second Grix on the lower powerd diode, and that beter beam characteristics is usefull for a wider market than laser pointers.:) I was not trying to say your not intelligent just trying to better clarify with my...
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    What's your Dream LASER Diode - IF it were affordable? *Grand Purchase Plan*

    Hears a pic to help you. The 300mW 635nm TO18 (5.6mm) diode in your spec sheet has a divergence of 35° x 7°. That will make a thin wide line, like this ________ Imageshack - 635nm300mwto1856mmspeci.jpg The HL63133DG 170mW 635-642nm diode that Grix suggested, Has a divergence of 9° x 17°...
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    Dragon Lasers doesn't responds

    Its the china spring festival.
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    Where to buy a lab grade 808nm CW ?

    Well with OEM im not sure where they sorce there lab lasers, but for laser glow and dragon lasers I think they sorce from CNI(a few companies do). The only problem is CNI doesn't always like to deal with individuals and sometimes quotes high. The specs on the dragonlaser look the same as the...
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    Where to buy a lab grade 808nm CW ?

    CNI is one of the best, so is OEM. Thay will be hight quality, but have a high price tag. If your not as concerned about beam specs or a real lab laser look, O-like offers one for cheep. 800mW 808nm Infrared laser module diode /focusable - eBay (item 170572922775 end time Dec-29-10 02:40:17...
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    New 1 watt O-like DPSS red laser

    From snoctony 1000mw 650nm laser diode C-mount /To-3 package - eBay (item 120653852408 end time Dec-29-10 06:47:27 PST) Parameter: Sn650T1000mw CW output power(Mw): 1000 Peak wavelength(nm): 650+/-10 Spectral width(nm):≤2.5 Threshold current(mA):≤1450 Operating current(mA):≤2500 Operating...
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    5mW $5.76 Question (BUY IN COINS)

    I got a few of these a while back, as hand outs. Thay all put out around 30~40mW I never tested the ir output, but all newish cheep green pointers have some ir leakage. All & all a not bad deal, "cheep pointer cheep price".
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    Liquid Stabilized 445

    The heat sink has more metal, from trying to enclose the diode and diriver. I found two rejects and got a pic so you can see :p What he said. Mineral oil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Liquid Stabilized 445

    My thoght was more thermal mass. Also to move heat from the back of the diode and areas of the driver that dont tuch the heat sink. Its beter than empty void of air.
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    Liquid Stabilized 445

    I Just used arctic alumina thermal adhesive. Yup mineral oil. It heats up a lot slower than I thought it would. I think I did good buy sandwiching tha driver pill between the heatsink and the old driver pill, the host heats up more all at once. Plus the extra mass of the mineral oil. I...