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    LPF 15th Anniversary Laser/Host?

    I’d be interested in one. No particular wavelength in mind though. :)
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    What is your favorite laser color / wavelength?

    Honestly it’s very hard to pick. I like 500.5nm, but i love 577nm and 612nm alot as well. I also have a fondness for the classic 694nm from ruby
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    Krypton Argon Ion Laser

    Yeah, 568 is a weird color. It‘s a lot like 561, a funny yellow green color. My 643 does all the lines and I really love it. I haven’t run it in ages though. I should probably do that....lower optimal pressures tend to favor the yellow and red lines. I actually had to tune up the alignment on...
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    Looking for old HeNe laser sights from the 80s

    There’s a laser devices FA-6 hene laser sight on ebay...not cheap though. I have one of the model if tube that goes into it, but not the sight itself though.
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    Will trade USD for a HR mirror for 1319 nm.

    Gotcha. Flashpumped stuff usually has a lighter dopant level, so they tend to be a faint pink, where as end pumped stuff is usually a darker pink. I have some end pumped yags that are angle cut on one end and a bit bigger around than my finger, and they're great for stuff like this. A single...
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    Will trade USD for a HR mirror for 1319 nm.

    How'd you end up with two dead ones? ebay? are you sure they were dead? As for the optics, I imagine they're coated perfect for this type of thing, presuming the peak power is low enough not to damage them. but a small yag block maybe a cm or so long would be great for this type of project. it...
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    Will trade USD for a HR mirror for 1319 nm.

    I suppose you could end pump something that large, but it’d be quite hard. I highly doubt it. Most of the time, rods are flash pumped. There are some little blocks that are side pumped by those diode bars though and those tend to be the best for what you’re trying to do. I’d be more inclined to...
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    Will trade USD for a HR mirror for 1319 nm.

    They probably appear white because of the type of lighting you’re under. Check them under the sunlight. Yeah it changes color depending on the surrounding light source that’s being used. Fluorescent lighting in particular is quite bad at making them show their color. And yes if it’s that big it...
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    Help identify my HeNe Laser

    Pretty much. If the tube is sealed with all glass seals, or with frit (kind of like solder for glass), it shouldn't leech any gasses at any rate that matters. If it is sealed via a low vapor pressure epoxy or similar, it may or may not lose gasses or leak over time. This is why alot of the old...
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    Help identify my HeNe Laser

    Spectra-Physics used to make the best lasers... I have some of the oldest ones they ever made. Truly astonishing craftsmanship at times, much like tektronix stuff. the 196 is a great tube, I think most of them tend to do about 3 mW new iirc.
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    SP 127b alive and well! :D

    Yeah, borosilicate glass is pretty high temperature and hard to work with so usually those will be blown separately and then they will be joined with an intermediary glass that is easier to use. That’s also why there’s a hint of green at the end, as that is where the fill stem was.
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    Anyone here collecting parts for, or working on a DPSS project?

    Fun but expensive project. And yes they would be very expensive because they have to be absolutely rigid and precise. It depends on the gain of the medium involved. This is referred to as single pass gain, And generally the answer to it is no. But there are some instances where you definitely...
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    SP 127b alive and well! :D

    It’s because the tube is assembled by hand in sections. The joints probably use a glass that has a dopant in it to adjust its thermal properties. Sometimes the bore will be made with a similar type of glass, usually a rare earth metal to make it more stable and help prevent the discharge from...
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    (Buying) Fan or blower attachment for 643 series ion laser

    That should probably work. Do keep in mind that after you turn off running the laser you should leave the fan running for a couple of minutes to cool it off after. When I turn mine off the fan stays on for I think it’s two minutes or 2 1/2 minutes to bring the temperature of the tube back down...
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    (Buying) Fan or blower attachment for 643 series ion laser

    yeah pretty much any 150CFM + fan is probably adequate. airflow should be in through the sides and exhausted out the top. getting a shroud'll be the hard bit to get. You might try meredith instruments, sometimes they have stuff laying around like that. you could also probably get one from a...