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    Been gone awhile

    Been gone awhile and I need to catch up on the latest BR technology. Two quick questions-What is now the most powerful BR that can fit in and axis tube for burning using a flex drive setup and can I get it already asssembled. Thanks
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    Acronyms for the Forum

    Thanks for all the kind words on my thread, I remember when I started working on lasers and found this great forum I thought I needed to add something useful. Glad this has helped.
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    Hello from Sydney Australia

    Welcome to the forum. :beer:
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    Hi from Germany

    Welcome to the forum :beer:
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    Newbie from the UK

    Welcome to the forum Buffy, don't let TJ,s pic scare you, he's just a big Teddy bear. LOL, welcom to the forum again from Maryland. USA
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    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome to the forum, you will have fun here. Read, read and read some more, most of your new questions have been answered already. Also allot of DIY information will help you with your build. However, may I suggest your next purchase be SAFETY GOOGLES, your not playing with flash lights...
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    Ahoihoi from Germany

    Welcome to the forum :beer:
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    Hello from Southern California

    Welcome to the forum, great 8x build, and a +1 rep :beer:
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    Hey guys new here !

    Welcome to the forum. :beer:
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    Greetings from Delaware!

    Hey Delaware welcome to the forum. You will find great information on this site and a lot of good people to help you. :beer:
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    I need to know how to pm

    Welcome to the forum. :beer:
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    Hello from MI

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    Newb Royal Oak MI

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    New member from southern California

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    New Michigander Here

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