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    Re: Selling mini 600mw 445nm chrome pocket laser I need a lower mw 445 nm. Do you have any lower mw mini for sale ?
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    FS: Custom 1x18650 or 2x18350 Titanium Hosts & Laser combining mount.

    Re: FS: 2 Custom 18650 Anodized Titanium Hosts. Great work !
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    Also sold!

    Re: 50mW 680nm Laser For Sale! Uncommon Wavelength! Hi what's the runtime on this ?
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    Fs. 1.8W 445nm c6 g-2 lens $120!

    Re: Fs. Polished 445nm g-2 bundle $180! Hi what mw is the laser ? And runtimes ?
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    FS: 18650 or 2x18350 Battery Custom Host, With interesting anodizing. 4/15/14

    Re: FS: 18650 Custom Host, Black Anodized Aixiz Module All mine !
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    For sale : 501B lasers with copper heatsink from $80

    Payment for 2 660 nm 300mw and fees/ shipping sent. Any color host, black is best.
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    1.6A 445nm Laser for sale. PRICE DROPPED

    What are the duty cycles on these ?
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    FS: Pocket Mini Build Kit! - Easy Assembly!

    That is asking me to purchase a kit.
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    FS: 1.2 W 445nm Blue lasers

    Pm'ed you a question.
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    SOLD OUT | The TerminatoR Laser - 445nm , 638nm , 405nm and more ! ...

    Re: For Sale | The TerminatoR Laser - 2.5W-3W 445nm on Pre-Sale Now ! Price Dropped ! Pm when the 200 mw 660 nm in the 501 host are ready please.
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    For sale : 501B lasers with copper heatsink from $80

    I PM'ed I need a 660 nm.
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    FS: 120mW 638nm laser In Custom Host -PRICE DROP-

    Hi is this still available ?