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    Class 3 Lasers

    Thanks for all your replies. It's basically what I thought. I just have to hope that they haven't tested it and my lawyer is as good as I think he is. A lot of these things come down to who can talk the talk, which is why I'm not representing myself.
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    Class 3 Lasers

    Hi guys and girls. Just trying to get my head around the idea of laser power and class. Long story short I was arrested here in Australia and one of the charges I am facing is possession of a restricted weapon. When the cop interviewed me he asked if I knew what kind of laser I had and I replied...
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    Hello all. Just researching the legalities and classes of lasers as I'm over here in Australia and got myself into a spot of bother. I will be posting a question on the green laser forum to hopefully help myself out. Thanks for your time. Cheers