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    weird thing i saw at ripley's

    Wow...I still can't read that crap :undecided:
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    Large Fiber Optic rod for combining lasers

    It is going to work if you want to burn with it up close but you're not gonna get a collimated beam.As a matter of fact I think you can lose the aixiz housing at the end, no point in trying to collimate that, and it would burn pretty well anyway if the fiber is thin enough.
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    Random Raster!

    I think #2 is a cancerous tumor, am I right? :undecided: It works if you scan it with a blu-ray on human skin too, and you don't even need a scanner :D
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    Green beam shots and a new kind of spirograph...

    Be sure to post a video, I wanna see how it turns out! :D
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    Meh, I just like regular coke, just like nature intended lol Besides, McDonald's has Hepatitis, didn't you read the other thread? :D
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    Acronyms for the Forum

    How about YAG (yttrium aluminium garnet) and YVO4 (Yttrium orthovanadate). And nanometer is nm not nM and also begins with the letter N not M. :) The HTML filter from YaBB probably replaced double quotes (") with &quot and after switching to vBulletin, the forum software replaced the...
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    Green beam shots and a new kind of spirograph...

    I think you would get a nicer kind of visualizer if you use a line/liquid sky generator instead of the spinning mirror.It would look like a heart beat monitor :D
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    Optical Trapping

    No I don't think so, that 3d scanner was making little plasma pockets with a highpowered pulse from a YAG laser using a set of galvos and a superfast focusing assembly that was able to precisely set the focal point at a given distance. I have never managed to replicate this phenomenon myself ...
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    HeCd anyone !?

    Wow! where from and how much?
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    sort of embarrassing question.

    Besides, he can't stop you from injuring yourself just by keeping you away from all the potential hazards. You have to learn how to deal with them yourself unless he wants to keep you in a bubble and take care of you your whole life.And 16 sounds like a good age to start learning how to...
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    The Difference Between Gas Tube and Diode Laser

    GENERALLY: diodes have bad beam specs, life is about the same, different wavelengths for each, and the size issue and power consumtion (I'm just gonna let you guess which is smaller and more power efficient)
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    Help my laser beam is changing size???

    Where did you buy it from?
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    Red and green laser dots compared

    That depends on the power of each laser. The greenie looks like a newwish model and I'm just gonna guess the red is a dilda. :undecided:
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    Wavelength to Color Demonstration

    Yes but will the brightness curve also be the same? :undecided: I can't really tell....I would suppose that monitors have to anticipate that too so the color rendition is as close to reality as possible. And of course other properties , like the difficulty we have to focus on 405nm or...
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    Wavelength to Color Demonstration

    Spectrum drawings or anything that has to do with a monitor are going to be approximations. Put some sunlight through a prism and let it shine on a white surface and you'll have your wavelengths lol