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    700mW Tùng Laser 638nm

    The shipping tracking didn't update after leaving Vietnam until it showed up at my doorstep a couple weeks later. It did seem that customs opened the box and resealed it. Hope you don't have any problems!
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    700mW Tùng Laser 638nm

    Awesome red laser. I love the host. It's slightly visible during the day time and quite nice at night. About 3 weeks shipping. 10/10
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    Hello all

    Thanks! I'm surprised by how everyone is so friendly! I've edited my original post to include my location.
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    4 host for sale

    I'm also interested in one with a copper heatsink!
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    Hello all

    I'm a physics major who just found out about this laser building hobby and it seems quite exciting! I'm from Georgia, USA. Thanks for all the welcomes!