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    My Rainbow -- Post Pic's of Yours

    amazing :D :D ;)
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    WTB: Green DPSS Laser 200mW+ in Australia

    hey , dave , laser-wave have agent in Austialia , you can go the web and see the agent information ! ...sunbear
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    The future of space travel...

    seems i have read one article that discuss that " Laser propulsion technology" ...in 2003......cost less .Less pollution, but i didn't not read any news about that ;)
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    Food Pictures

    wow ! i do not eat breakfast yet , could i choose one ......hmmm, hungry ! :P
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    You know when you're addicted to lasers when...

    Re: You know when you're addicted to lasers when.. cool :D I wonna to be another "crazy" . ;D