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    Glastonbury Tor with my 1.3W 520nm

    Great shots there Aardvark, all you need now is a 589 to add to your collection! I'm assuming also you've never been 'apprehended' when taking these shots in public?
  2. SteveT

    405nm Beamshot Pics (Pic Heavy)

    Nice pics there, as others have said a tricky wavelength to capture! Every time I see your shots I realise I'm missing a decent camera!
  3. SteveT

    My one 589nm Beam shot!

    Nice shot man, interesting how the mobile phone camera senses the beam closer to the orange part of the spectrum as mine does exactly the same :)
  4. SteveT

    Simple 532nm Docry Jr build

    Nice work gozert looks sweet!
  5. SteveT

    Event: High School/ Percent Completed: 100%

    Congrats Alex :beer:
  6. SteveT

    SOLD: DragonLasers 589nm Spartan - 85mW

    Re: For Sale: DragonLasers 589nm Spartan - 85mW Ditto also thought that NW would be up for this; welcome to the club :beer:
  7. SteveT

    Green laser with arrow head + class II

    Your place on the ban list is valuable to all of us.
  8. SteveT

    589nm club membership card

    Congrats, looking forward to the pics and glad you've received a good unit :)
  9. SteveT

    item status not update on USPS

    Good; thought they could have messed around with the contact board and leads.
  10. SteveT

    SCI FI LASERS-need assistance (spring issue)

    Please be careful with Teflon tape. Small fragments can find themselves on the exposed diode window leading to contamination and potential damage; a good tip is to only wind the tape half way down the lens barrel and not to continuously alter the focus which will cause the tape to shred over time.
  11. SteveT

    item status not update on USPS

    Glad it arrived safely and hopefully customs didn't screw anything up during inspection!
  12. SteveT

    Laserbtb batteries

    2 x 16340 will see you right.
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    Anyone ever use Anti-Reflex Coating Stripper?

    I have never used that specific brand although I understand these treatments are basically hydrofluoric acid mixes which are highly corrosive. I decoated some glasses lenses a few years back (plastic) with good results. However I have heard that the acids used in this stuff can possibly...
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    589nm club membership card

    Just 'Sharpied' my thumb and yes my skin will sting after a few seconds. Also, tried to light a black match with the aid of a focus lens and it managed to fizzle three times but not quite ignite. Must get an LPM. For now, a quick pic in a dark room without the aid of fog.
  15. SteveT

    589nm club membership card

    I think the skin test can vary considerably based on your skin type. A darker skin or sun tan will absorb more heat than that of a pastey Englishman for example :) Look forward to the pics!