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Gym, MotoGP, riding my sportbike, mechanical engineering and of course lasers!
England, UK
IT Programme Manager


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405nm: S06J 12X Ehgemus custom host (700mw)
445nm: SF501B (2400mw)
445nm: WL Arctic S3 (1400mw+) - 1723mw peak
520nm: Custom Build - Ehgemus power coated special host + DTR NDG7475 (1400mw)
532nm: Jet Lasers Equality (500mw+) - 612mw peak
532nm: WL Evo - (100mw+)

532nm: Laser 303
589nm: DL Spartan (50mw)
635nm: 501B by Blord - (200mw+) - 275mw peak
650nm: Laser 303
650nm: Key chain 'cat toy' - (1mw)




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