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    my laser doesn't work, just a weak red light (but it's green) Model JD-851

    The crystal is probably loose (as Ears and Eggs explained) or it could have a damaged pump diode. Do you hear a rattle when you move it around?
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    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    473nm DPSS lasers produce a circular (TEM00) beam and SM ≈470nm diodes can have a good, almost circular beam
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    Question: Jetlasers.org is a legit site ?

    They don't have any 57x and 56x modules for now, they might have 555nm or 551nm but I'm not sure
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    Question: Jetlasers.org is a legit site ?

    They quit making 57xnm modules for some time, they also are quitting making 56xnm modules.
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    Question: Jetlasers.org is a legit site ?

    The only problem is that lasence makes a few modules per batch (with the exception of those mass produced 545nm and 532nm modules they make) and a single batch can take months
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    100mW 457nm DPSS Laser

    I'm pretty sure it uses frequency doubled Nd:YAG or Nd:YVO4
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    WTB 473nm handheld laser

    Hello! I am looking for a 473 handheld laser. I am mostly looking for a CNI GLP or another pen-style 473nm DPSS laser but I am fine with larger handhelds.
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    Trying to create a He-Ne handheld laser

    There are also orange HeNes that are the same size
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    Finally... I own a 2W 577nm!

    I would have loved to see that, not everyone has the chance to see a 2W yellow
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    Post your vintage pointers (weather you still have it or not)

    Oh wow! That looks to be a resold CNI GLP 532nm laser pointer
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    Post your vintage pointers (weather you still have it or not)

    I used to have one of those old hene laser handhelds
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    Drunk hobo diet

    Probably not, no one, no, definitely no
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    WTB 532nm CNI GLP

    I'm looking for a working 532nm CNI GLP pointer
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    1st Intro Thread

    Laserglow sells good 5mw 532nm DPSS laser pointers and 20mw 532nm DPSS handhelds