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My Lasers:

10mw 1064nm melles griot dpss laser
500mw 980nm diode module
2000mw 976nm Cmount pump diode
300mw 885nm diode module
8000mw 808nm Cmount pump diode
10mw 780nm diode module

2.5mw 675nm diode module
0.5mw 671nm cni dpss module
250mw 670nm diode module
30mw 660nm diode module
0.5mw 660nm cni dpss module
150mw 660nm laser quantum ignis dpss lab
200mw 650nm diode module

5mw 633nm diode module
1.3mw 632.8nm Siemens hene
0.8mw 627nm diode module
75mw coherent sapphire 588nm OPSL
5mw lasence 580nm dpss line (577nm module)
10mw lasence 577nm dpss module
8mw lasence 575nm dpss module
8mw lasence 572nm dpss module
15mw optlaser 568nm dpss module

6mw optlaser 565nm dpss module
2mw cni PGL-III-M 561nm dpss line
27mw lasos 561nm dpss lab laser
20mw coherent sapphire 561nm OPSL
15mw optlaser 558nm dpss module
14mw lasence 555nm dpss module

18mw lasence 551nm dpss module
1000mw lasence 545nm dpss module
8mw lasence 535nm dpss module
700mw jetlasers 532nm dpss module
350mw homemade micro dpss lab/module
50mw 530nm osram opsl lab/module
8mw 530nm lasence dpss laser module

200mw 520nm osram diode module
80mw 505nm sharp diode module
0.2mw 498nm lasence dpss line (577nm module)
60mw 488nm sharp diode module
20mw 488nm JDSU directly doubled diode lab
3mw 488nm beckman coulter Ar-ion laser

25mw 478nm nichia diode pointer
50mw 473nm cni dpss lab
100mw 472nm nichia diode module

2100mw 465nm nichia diode module
100mw 455nm diode module
300mw 450nm osram diode module
150mw 405nm diode module
50mw 405nm melles griot diode lab

4mw 400nm diode module



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