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    It's 2020... Can We Safely Store our Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries in Our Lasers Yet?

    An important difference with smartphones that suggests that batteries can be stored inside the laser is that lasers usually have a mechanical switch that opens the circuit and physically disconnects the battery, no?
  2. Soub

    60th anniversary of the LASER's discovery!

    Thanks for the reminder! Happy laser birthday, and happy celebration to all the fans of these special lights.
  3. Soub

    shipping during pandemic

    Hi, JetLasers has been back in business since the beginning of March and at last news, they can send the lasers. But to be certain and for any other question, the best is to contact them directly.
  4. Soub

    Hello from France

    Thanks for all the info Len! Unfortunately, one thing for sure is that I won't be able to enjoy it this year (for many reasons). I know a little bit about the investment it takes to organize this kind of gathering, so I sincerely cross my fingers that you can get together and share this...
  5. Soub

    Hello from France

    🤞 for SELEM, sincerely.
  6. Soub

    Hello from France

    Great proposal, thank you! It would be a great time and a great time to meet people! However, with the current difficulties to travel internationally... Here, we have quite a few events that have been cancelled for the summer period. Anyway, I hope to be able to enjoy them by videos !
  7. Soub

    Hello from France

    Thanks Rich! Thank you paul1598419 ! Thanks Len! Wouha, a gold mine this Sam's Laser FAQ ! How did I miss it?!?!... Thanks a lot ! The French regulation is... strict and permissive... In theory : All lasers must be in compliance. Everyone has the right to own and use a laser ≤5mW. For those...
  8. Soub

    Hello from France

    Thank you!
  9. Soub

    Hello from France

    Hello ! New member on LPF, but long-time reader of the forum. I learned a lot on this forum, so thanks to all those who make it live with their knowledge, creations, patience and good mood! English is not my native language, so in advance please forgive my mistakes in the language.