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    focusable green laser

    Hi im looking to build my own focusable green laser as small as i can, im looking to use this as a hunting unit/laser so can anyone help me out on how to start this project parts wise and how to make the beam focusable
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    Micro FlexDrives and Micro BoostDrives @ Illumination Supply

    be great if you carried diode's ?
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    Cheap lathe work

    same here
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    Cheap lathe work

    yes it would......just few more pics
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    Cheap lathe work

    ill finish it tomorrow I had a birthday party to go to and stopped there :( that hosts takes 3aa or I can machine a pill to take a cr123 or simular battery
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    Cheap lathe work

    first post with pics
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    Cheap lathe work

    Can u guys post what host I might like ? I don't mind buying some host and making build kits ? Ill post pics of a heatsink I did on a Dorcy jr in a few
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    Cheap lathe work

    No problem, ill grab a few flashlights I have and make them into laser host to show my work, and I mean cheap as in affordable
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    Cheap lathe work

    Hey guys new here but been on here for awhile know and I just got a nice used 13x40 grizzly lathe and would like to offer some machine work for cheap So if u need a heatsink made or like a special look ?....And like a great deal please pm me I have aluminum from 1/2 up to 2 inches dorcy jr...
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    What should I build

    Hey guys I have not been on in a while but I have 2-3 Dorcy jr host laying here and I need help on what driver/current I should use and diode ?
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    WTB: big boy 3x18650 host

    Title says it all pm me if u got one for sale thanks
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    The "SXB" Laser Driver 2.1A (Boost)

    Can't wait to buy a few, nice work
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    1 E-drive for sale

    Re: 2 E-drives for sale Awesome just drop me a pm :) once there in
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    1 E-drive for sale

    Re: 2 E-drives for sale I would like one or few once there in :)
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    GB: 2$ copper modules ALL SIZES CLOSED

    When is the next GB :)