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    Sci-Fi Lasers TheJoker301 Does Not Tell the Truth to Customers or Uphold His Claims

    Re: My experience with SciFi lasers I wonder what the guys who put a paypal claim in would do if the laser turned up at their doorstep after the claims.... just curious , I understand that is seems Things are going bad for Eitan lately but keep in mind guys if he did send a laser to some...
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    Fried my new Sci fi laser...

    @ J4K3ST3R Sometimes we have people who do the exact same mistake as you, but they come and make a thread complaining how its the builders fault for not putting a sticker inside the laser or because the driver used does not have reverse polarity protection etc, So Its Very good to see you...
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    SciFi lasers

    Re: Scifi lasers- how I dropped 140 USD for 4 minutes Speaking about certificates . I do remember the joker saying he is goin to stop sending certificates and start emailing them. Either way this guy would have only needed to spend another 5 mins on scifi lasers to find the info to be 100% sure...
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    SciFi lasers

    Re: Scifi lasers- how I dropped 140 USD for 4 minutes Hes not going to tell us the truth if he did do a 3 minute runtime now......lol which is the Info i was trying to extract with my last post lol oh well......
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    Smart idea?

    I Have thought about extinguishers in my work van as an industrial painter, i often use all the nasty flammable paints available to us humans but i also think about the accesability of the extinguisher too. in your example you have the extinguiser in the boot/trunk of your vehicle, the...
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    Canon DSLR Camera

    Yea , wats the price on this Puppy and are you going to throw in a high speed Memory card or?
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    GIVEAWAY-Mtype M140 Laser Diode

    Did you just triple Post Hak? im tellin on you:tsk: Haha its awesome winning Sh*t on LPF isnt it guys
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    SciFi lasers

    Re: Scifi lasers- how I dropped 140 USD for 4 minutes I highly doubt it was a polarity problem, The 16X 405nm diodes are a bit touchy when getting anything over 550~600mA you say you were seeing 1W of power so maybe driver may have been set at 600mA(at a guess) Tell us more about your 3 minutes...
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    GIVEAWAY-Mtype M140 Laser Diode

    Keen Az Here! As Long As Im not too Late?
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    New G7 lens for 445nm / 462nm / 520nm

    Hey guys , dont forget to ask Podo about barrel length too, i ordered two of these lens and they are a couple mm shorter than the general single element lens barrels we put focus adapters on the end of, They are fine for a couple of my builds because i set the focus once and leave the lens "set"...
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    Lens choice for first high power laser

    What about the g7 lens from Sanwu? they have good beam quality like 3 element and better power than 3 element lens
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    Please delete: SOLD.

    Re: 2W 445nm blue laser for SALE/ Copper Heatsink/ Ehgemus Build So you are selling what you stated? Price?
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    6 watt Nubm44 focus help

    If you click here http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/fs-sanwu-laser-shop-r-g-b-handheld-lasers-2-5w-639nm-released-93166.html and scroll to the bottom of the OP, there are what Podo calls G7 lens, buy one of these also for your tests, They have different characteristics than other single element...
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    Osram PL 515 New 515nm diode?

    I have a sanwu laser with this diode putting out 50mW, I love the wavelength, it seems just like a 520nm by itself, until you put it next to a 520nm then you see the difference, Its a good wavelength to add to the collection! Very Low divergence with a single element lens too, Im guessing its a...
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    Blah Blah!

    Re: Help vortish! WINNERS POSTED! BTW vortish I THINK you can change the thread title since the mods moved it here, I wish the best for you over the coming years! Ill help out when possible, hope that charger came in handy or you made few dollars selling it etc. LPF has got your back!