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    I think the moral of the story is don't eat yellow snow dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Welcome IT , I too have been a lurker and now a kind of lurker again. It sometimes is months between my posts but I learned so much here!! Have fun!!!
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    Hi Tyagi, welcome to the forum ! Have fun and be laser safe !!!!!
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    FS: 1W 520nm, 575nm lasers.

    Dude, I have a spartan host with burned out diode. Would it be hard to put this laser into that host? I would be interested in that 50.00 490nm for sure if this is the case.
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    Hello LPF! I'm back!

    Welcome Back! Make sure to include pics when you build that bad boy!!!
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    Klingon Disrupter "toy"

    Omg , as I said, I just love this stuff, next project , to build a laser powered sonic screwdriver!!!!!!!!
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    Klingon Disrupter "toy"

    OMG how did I miss this thread ?????????????????? I love this stuff! Your disruptor kinda looks like the 1970ish phaser from Namco I believe but is cool just the same!! Anyways, keep up the good work! I built this phaser...
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    Oclaro 700mW in Lifetime Stainless Steel Host

    I love reading about builds! Nice job! I think my next laser will be in a star trek assault phaser . Stay tuned!!!
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    I broke my phone, lots of lasers for sale

    He used a magnifying glass and a dremel ! LMFAO. What a video that would make !!
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    We lost another company!

    RIP Laserbtb , I have some of their lasers that I have bought here on the forums. Quality gear. Bummer to the max !!!!
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    Mini laser engraving machine

    I have been waiting for a review on this. Thanks so much. One question, did you have to assemble it or was it already assembled ?
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    Batterycap thread type of Dragon Lasers Spartan?

    Definitely do not use 3.7V battery without major mod. I know this for a fact because I smoked a 447 doing this! See my signature!!!! I do however have a perfect host for a mod if someone is interested in making a Frankenspar laser.
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    Selling: Multiple Lasers

    Move to newfoundland my friend. You can board here in a fully furnished house with all the amenities including washer and dryer, internet etc. for 125 a week!
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    *Updated 5-28* styropyro's Liquidation Sale

    Re: styropyro's Liquidation Sale If you have a star trek LASER phaser for sale, I call first dibs. I have made a couple and am right now working on a green with a thick beam but I would love to have one of yours.
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    Light Saber Illumination - Help Diverge

    I cant wait to see the video. I have some parts ordered to do the same thing and I have a lightsabre from the early 80's (yes I am that old) with a poly tube blade. I started a thread http://laserpointerforums.com/f45/532nm-thick-beam-laser-95298.html but never got any replies to my questions. I...