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    !!Updated prices: New Kryton Groove FS Thread!!

    Re: !!Updated prices!!: New Kryton Groove FS Thread!! how can i buy one!? or two :) please hit me up roofsbyrobert@live.com or 432-528-6195 thanks, robert
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    Got it! My first Laser...... So after months of looking, reading, watching videos, asking questions here etc, I decided to go with a custom laser from Xirrious and glad I did! This thing is a beast! and ***y as hell :) 501b host, 445nm M140 diode, 3 element lens....... Not only did I luck out...
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    With an m140 module do I need a lens?

    With an m140 module do I need a lens?
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    Do I need a lens?

    C6 Cree flashlight host M140 laser module Do I need a lens? If so where do it get one/ put it? The video I'm learning from doesn't mention one
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    Help with building 1w 445nm handheld

    A guy sent me instructions on how to build a laser the host is a C6 flashlight and it's an M1 40 laser module but nowhere in his instructions did he say anything about a lense? do I need a lens?
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    WTB: Best Laser(s) for $200?

    Isaact, still have your laser for sale? Text me 432-230-3437
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    For sale : 501B lasers with copper heatsink from $80

    Re: Eastern Promotion : 2Watt 445nm lasers for $150 !! How long would it take to get me a laser? They are already built? Shipping time to the US?
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    Another newcomer

    What are the pros and cons of blue vs green?
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    Another newcomer

    What about lasershk.com? They have a 1W with box, lock,focus, glasses and charger for $109!?!? How is that possible? It's probably really a 50mw?
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    Another newcomer

    Would you want to build me one?
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    Another newcomer

    I wasn't really wanting to make one.... Just buy one
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    Another newcomer

    Over a year ago a friend brought over the first handheld laser I had ever seen. (Other than the keychain ones you can buy at the mall) it was night time and when he turned it on it lit up the sky! He held it on a dried leaf in my yard and it started to smoke in a couple of seconds....I've wanted...
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    Honest opinion on Laserbtb.

    Clayton, I would be interested in talking to some of the builders in the forum....could you help?