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    655nm uses?

    Haha, go for it :D Just gotta find someone to test it, though. :P
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    655nm uses?

    Indeed. Never forget the goggles. Who would want hair growing out of their eyes? :crackup::crackup::crackup:
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    Purposely looked at 50mw laser...

    Oh, you mean you only looked at the dot? At 50mW that shouldnt be a problem unless you get hit by reflections.
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    Purposely looked at 50mw laser...

    Even 5 mW will damage your eyes if you keep them open when your blink reflex should normally close them. Not sure how fast that is but probably less than 200 ms? So power x10 and time x25 ? not sure if thats a good calculation.. but you get the idea.
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    GB | 515nm Diodes - Payments Stage Starts at 10th July

    Yea good idea, done that as soon as i saw it, forgot to put in my payment info anyway... :o Already sent pm with that , though. Shouldnt be a problem thanks to the id now. :)
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    FREE Laser! today at 8:00PM CST

    Re: Building a laser. Then giving it away. Oh .. well im stupid ... you did say which diode... i should learn to read .. lol To bad i cant revote, on the other hand black and blue looks good.
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    More youtube laser abuse

    Yea, would be nice or maybe a sticky thread. The first "review" i watched was some 12 yo kid who burned electrical tape about 20 cm away from his face with a 405 or 445 nm laser. I could clearly see the reflections from the tape on his face... so dumb..
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    son's revenge bit too sweet (help) (canada)

    I was about to ask if the "this is only a blue laser" part was a joke or something. Would be nice if someone could do the maths on how much mW of a laser equals the amount of damage done by looking directly at the sun for a second, with your unprotected eyes. I think someone said looking down...
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    More youtube laser abuse

    We should have a thread (if there isnt one already) where everyone posts youtube videos of people who are complete idiots like those guys there... I like how he states, how this guy in the end of the video, was an idiot pointing a laser at a helicopter, but the uploader himself has absolutely...
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    Radiant X4: A LPM for the masses at Illumination Supply!

    Thats good to hear, was about to ask how its going some hours ago. Probably the next thing ill have to spend my money on haha. :D
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    5mW 520nm laser isnt stopped by my OD5 goggles!?

    I just put my goggles a few centimeters in front of my 350mW 532nm hulk ultra and it produced a little green dot on the piece of paper behind it. The dot it made was even less powerful and smaller than the one my 5mW 520 pen created. Not sure about the LED emission, though because the 520 dot...
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    Is this 532 Legit?

    If you have problems with the forum search, use the google searchbar at the bottom of the page. Its probably the easiest and works almost every time. :)
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    5mW 520nm laser isnt stopped by my OD5 goggles!?

    Thanks, i have actually looked through that thread a long time ago but probably didnt realize that it was also 5mW and the whole "fake eagle pair" thing confused me, but now that i read it again, it makes sense. Also your link leads to the LPF main page, but i used the google search and found...
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    5mW 520nm laser isnt stopped by my OD5 goggles!?

    Oh okay, thanks alot, that clears it up. I allways thought, it shouldn't be possible to see the dot in the original color through the goggles, except maybe when its a high power laser and you shine it on something close to you. And i wasn't actually using the goggles for the 5mW pointer , i...
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    5mW 520nm laser isnt stopped by my OD5 goggles!?

    fixed, i hope.. I could see them, though.