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    Mid life crisis?

    UV lasers scare me. Can't they cause cancer :confused:
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    Dragon Lasers Viper 55mW

    Thanks for the link! Couldn't remember where I saw the host for that cheap :san: Also, nice viper :) Such a shiny host!
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    Cheap laser tripod alternative under 5$! - (DX)

    Not meant to be a laser tripod but it gets the job done for a fraction of the price.
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    Laser starting to get weaker

    Yes sadly Lazerer has great up-to-spec powerful fun lasers but they seem to die pretty fast from all the feedback...
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    Cheap laser tripod alternative under 5$! - (DX)

    Thanks for informing me :)
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    iphone 5...hundred mw

    Cool build! Your next job will be to incorporate a laser into an iPhone shell haha :p
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    Laser Origami

    The amount of transparent plastic things I'd have laying around the house if I had one of these...
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    the lowest power laser can kill the Mosquito

    Re: the lowest power laser can kill the Mosquito Good luck killing mosquitos with a laser, you'll need extreme precision and chances are once they feel the burn they will fly away... Try one of these :)
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    Cheap laser tripod alternative under 5$! - (DX)

    Here's the clamp (up to 3.8cm): LINK Here's 2 tripods: LINK1 LINK2 Not the best quality or look, but it gets the job done very well.
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    Olytec co ltd

    Thanks, edited my post.
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    Olytec co ltd

    I was referring to the original first post, not the 405nm :) I love PayPal for that it saves everybody $$$ lol
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    Olytec co ltd

    And I bet it's nowhere near 250mW, a 250mW 532nm would cost over 100$
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    Practical uses for laser pointers

    Igniting then blowing out matches to make smoke for a nice beamshot :angel:
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    DTR M140 very impressive 2.5W

    It will roam around 1.5W.
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    For sale : 501B lasers with copper heatsink from $80

    Re: For sale: NEW 1W-2W 445nm 501B lasers from $110 Even without the spring it shouldn't be loose at all. I removed my lens spring and I see no difference in stability. Remove (unscrew) the lens barrel (grey barrel with glass in the center) and screw on the silver ring to the top side...