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    Conflicting information on divergence

    If you go to the forum titled Welcome you can post there with information about who you are and where you are from. As Paul posted different diodes diverge differently. As a rule store bought stuff has QC issues unless you go to the top tier stores. A lot of folks wind up building stuff...
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    Advice on Laser Purchase Requested

    Disclaimer: I am one of the newer members here so others may well correct me. As a rule most lasers have an advertised power that seems to be determined by some type of witchcraft normal humans are not able to understand. That being said Sanwu is a well respected company that has good quality...
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    Kinda interesting

    Playing the devil's advocate I would point out that if you were in an FOB it would be nice to have a UAS flying in a circle say 1,000 feet above the base with good cameras scanning the area 24/7. If the truth be known most flying with current vehicles is LOS (in fact FAA rules require Line Of...
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    Kinda interesting

    This article describes research into using a laser aimed at a UAS/drone to activate a photoelectric cell and produce electricity to power the UAS. So far there seems to be a problem dealing with the heat, big shock there who would have thunk it. Still it is an interesting concept and given it...
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    Laser Sight for Nerf Nemesis

    There are tons of red dot sights cheaper than that. The Daisy Electronic Point Sight goes for around $US10 and there are knock offs on the sites in China for even less. The thing is using a red dot sight is not the same as using a laser sight. Not saying one is better than the other, just...
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    Need 405 options

    Sanwu and JL both have big boy 405 lasers. The Sanwu is a 1.6w and costs $US240 while the JL is 800mw and is $US299. I have a Striker 7.5w and a PL-E. Both are what I consider high quality products. Just noticed that the Sanwu Striker Saber has a magnetic control option that allow the user...
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    vid shot with quadcopter

    The horizontal distance was just under 200 yards. I had been breaking balloons and lighting matches (still editing those vids and may post later) and was having trouble so I took the BE off. I will be reshooting a compare and contrast with the quadcopter with and without the BE. I am still...
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    vid shot with quadcopter

    Shot the beam of my Sanwu Striker 7.5W blue laser with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 quadcopter from an altitude of 400 feet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0f8tjuUNHg&feature=share
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    Laser Sight for Nerf Nemesis

    As someone who shoots long range precision rifles, hunting rifles, competes with pistols, has several CO2 pellet and BB guns, and multiple Airsoft guns; many of which have optics of all types including holographic sites, red dot sites, in addition to laser on some I have to say I can see no...
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    Eye Candy

    I have no connection with this company in Germany but was impressed by the show. Enjoy https://vimeo.com/287981606
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    WTB yellow laser

    Been looking at some LaserGlow stuff after reading a thread about yellow lasers. I understand the prices are high but the power level of their options seemed out of whack with the cost; but it may be that I just don't understand the market. In any case I am wondering if anyone has a better...
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    Looking to buy a laser for survival purposes

    First thing to consider is the duty cycle. If your laser has a 60 second duty cycle that means you can shine for 60 seconds and then it is off for 60 seconds. That assumes the best case option where you did not drop it and batteries are good and the temperature is ideal. Some lasers do have...
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    Looking to buy a laser for survival purposes

    The difficulty in answering your question is figuring out just what you are looking for. As an example I am not sure what someone would do after seeing the beam from say a 7w Sanwu shining straight up in the sky. Even if you used the standard SOS signal it might not get the response you...
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    Bummed out by Sanwu

    Good tip, thanks. The three lasers arrived to day. It was worth the wait. These things are stupid fun to play with and the dazzlers are impressive. Looks like I got some extra stuff, just not sure what it is yet. Pix and a mini review to follow.
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    Bummed out by Sanwu

    I am definitely getting a green. Been looking at the JL-E Pro in green, but not sure about the 520 or 532. Not to mention if a DPSS or LD is a better choice. To complicate things even more the Yamataka Series Stun Gun & Led Light & laser dazzler or even the non-lethal dazzler would be able to...