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    Laser as in-home Self Defense?

    Doh, I only found the last of those five, can I delete my own thread?
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    Laser as in-home Self Defense?

    It's been a while since I posted, but I've been mulling around the idea lately about using a laser pointer as home defense and wanted to get peoples opinions. Do you think, if used in your own home in the case of a break in, a .5w+ pointer could provide any self-defense? I realize lasers are...
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    You guys *have* to try this

    So, I haven't posted in a while, but I was sitting here at work after installing a bunch of router cards, and have these empty anti-static bags laying around...I took my blu-ray laser and pointed it at one, careful to hit a flat spot and not one that would reflect back at me...and the reflection...
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    Can a laser hurt a digital camera?

    HumanSymphony - That burn mark is on all pictures you take now?
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    Can a laser hurt a digital camera?

    Hello Me, asking a noobish question again...I have a nice dSLR, and I'm curious if taking a picture of the dot or beam can hurt the CMOS sensor? Not really sure if too much light can damage the electronics like it can damage our eyes. Thanks! Ian
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    Laseer on helium balloon idea

    He said a weather balloon.  They're big enough to cary instruments that can take atmospheric readings, two lasers won't pose any issues if he goes through with it :P
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    help clarify with blu-ray

    I've bought one diode.  Ever!  I borrowed a soldering iron from a coworker, and some solder, and when I bought it home and compared it to the pins on the diode (yours do have the pins on them, right?) I knew there was no way I could use it because the end was huge.  I went to Radio Shack and...
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    DealExtreme doesn't ship US?

    Does the sale of diodes also fall under prohibited laser items, or since they aren't fully assembled and ready are they safe?
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    Anti-Bugs Laser Guns for "Kosher" Food Supervisors

    Re: Anti-Bugs Laser Guns for "Kosher" Food Supervi How can a laser strong enough to kill a flying insect be without risks? :-?
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    Measuring Wavelength?

    Ok I don't have a diffraction grating to prove my point, but it can be made with...ooooooooooh man, a DVD.  The spacing between the tracks (d) on a dvd is .74 microns, or 740 nm or .000074 cm (which is what you use in the formula).  Take my newly built blu-ray for example.  Shine it at said dvd...
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    Measuring Wavelength?

    The resolution is near infinite because the ratio can be as large as you want it to be.  Warske is saying that because the difraction grating splits the beam into multiples, the further your endpoint is from the origin, the further away the dots will be.  To exagerate, if you were a mile away...
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    Ian - Ieon - AusLasersSuck - PhotonSky is back LOL

    Re: Ian - Ieon - AusLasersSuck - PhotonSky is back Maybe someone could just PM CS and ask him to lock this topic, that way noone could bait anyone else, and the whole problem would be (temporarily) solved. Ian
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    Laser Died?

    So after connecting the battery directly to the Flex drive and the diode working, I had to assume the plug in between the battery positive and my assembly spring had something in it that burnt out. I took a large allen wrench and a hammer and knocked the thing out, and inside was a circuit board...
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    Laser Died?

    I need to know what to order here, I know you veterans have burned out your share of diodes and drivers  ;D...What do the symptoms of my initial post match?  Again - Bright flash, then very dim beam every time I turn it on.  Additionally, there are two rectangular lights on either side of the...
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    Laser Died?

    Yeah, I built it myself...it worked well for about 12h non continuous use and then died. I didn't open the host or anything prior to it stopping. You think it's a symptom of a dead diode then, and not a crappy connection? Ian