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    Double-slit experiment and quantum eraser

    Hi! So, I had wanted to build a working example of the double-slit experiment. Yes, I suppose that diffraction and the wave nature of light is easy enough to demonstrate, but it's always better when you use lasers, am I right? But even beyond a simple double slit experiment, I found this article...
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    stupid lm317 driver :(

    Linear regulators like the LM317 have the main problem of inefficiency and, thus, heating. They act as dynamic variable resistors, so the energy that they are controlling gets converted to heat and lost away. In contrast, switching regulators modulate the current extremely quickly between full...
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    Alright, Who did it?

    See, that proves it. We really are in The Matrix. Obviously, that was just the swirling "loading" icon. It was just rendering the JPEG of the sky, probably. YouTube - Matrix Runs on Windows XP Yeah, probably...
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    GGW's tested or random sleds good prices!

    Hey Glenn, i was wondering, could you reserve a tested GGW, one LPC, and one PHR for me until Wednesday? (It's payday.... hehe)
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    Help driving many laser diodes.

    Heh, well, that's pretty admirable. Although, in that case, you'd need to drastically alter your design to accommodate various aspects of the NIF, such as the Master Oscillator (ytterbium doped optical fiber laser), 48 Preamplifier Modules, as well as numerous other optically pumped amplifiers...
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    Help driving many laser diodes.

    Well, first of all, yes, you could theoretically drive multiple lasers using a single driver board. However, you must remember that current is shared in parallel circuits. Therefore, if you wanted to drive, say, 5 red diodes each at 300mA, that would require a driver that was outputting around...
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    Hey everyone! Greetings from the UK.

    Greetings, Tonberry- er, I mean, IceNoise! Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay, and learn much from the many inevitable laser projects that you will most likely do. Just don't use that knife. ...I hope phoenix77 has a Phoenix Down.
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    Making plain PCB's "parallel or series in designation"

    Hey, that's not a bad deal at all, actually. With shipping it comes to $21.80, but with custom sizes and quantities, it's a awesome deal! With 15 4" x 6" boards, it comes to around $1.50 per board. Awesome! Thank you very much!
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    Who do you think is the hottest?

    And I bet she can't light matches or pop balloons, either.
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    Making plain PCB's "parallel or series in designation"

    Kind of as a side note, I've been thinking about and researching various methods of making PCBs, mainly using the toner transfer method. I can't seem to find any good place online to get copper clad boards for a reasonable price. There's always Radio Shack, of course, but it doesn't have much of...
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    TrustFire Multifunctional Charger

    The TR-001's terminals are too far apart for any CR2 (15270) size battery. DealExtreme, of course, has a dedicated RCR2 charger for a decent price: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.2031 However, it is relatively easy to "shorten" the terminals in order to accommodate the CR2's form...
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    Making plain PCB's "parallel or series in designation"

    Correct! Just to reiterate, the boards that we all get from Radio Shack are not PCBs. A Printed Circuit Board is just that- a board that acts as an efficient electrical pathway for a circuit. That is, a specific circuit. Perfboard, on the other hand, is designed for prototyping use (along with...
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    O-Like IR filtered modules?

    Has anyone attempted a build with the (expensive) IR filtered modules? They seem to be larger than the standard modules... And if someone has, what kind of host did you place it in? I apologize if this question has been asked before... I tried searching for something of this nature, but I...
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    Would Glass protect against IR?

    Just as a side note, technically CO2 lasers emit long-wavelength infrared, or mid infrared, depending on who you ask. Far infrared is usually defined as 15000nm and up, and CO2's operate at around 10600nm.
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    The eye's sensitivity to brightness *Read*

    Oh... My bad.