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    Hey, Hey, Hey! From The East Side!

    lol banned so quickly :gj:
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    it is all this guy and after seeying the vid, i can imagine he needs gogles :shhh:
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    long range energy transfer using a laser

    this ^ especialy since he came up with the word fetish... if thats is the case i hope that op wil be blinded by his own "invention" you can get a pattent if you have an idea on paper. meaning other people can not steal your idea. besides like others have mentioned before, there are more...
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    anyone kind enough to let me barrow left over goggles

    i forgot which brand but theres some realy efective orange glases. i think someone posted in on this forum.
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    Dutch Diodes (a question to my fellow countryman browsing this forum)

    bluefan "If you need A140 diodes (445nm), I got a load of them that I already planned to place on marktplaats, including the original projector lens" Could you please pm me with more info, i may take them of your hands if the price is right ;) DTR "What kind of specific diodes are you looking...
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    Dutch Diodes (a question to my fellow countryman browsing this forum)

    so where does the average kaaskop gets his or her diodes ? marktplaats, cd burners ,that vague chinese salesman from ebay, or you found website that delivers ? what are your experiences and how often did you got your mail intercepted ( this counts especialy for international posts) and ofcourse...
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    Dutch Diodes * Reposted in difrent topic

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    You think lasers are a for fun?

    good informative post. but do realise that 5mW> is illegal* for a reason. Thank you fixitiwill for your post, it has been proven usefull as a reminder of the dangers of lasers. :thanks: (*atleast it is where i live).
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    Clear newbie tut requested

    Damn, fast replies :D thanks for the info itl keep me busy for a while. Cheers !
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    Clear newbie tut requested

    hi forum, i am located in the Netherlands and im interested in building a 200 mW laser for educational purposes. im fairly new to this, and i was hoping for a clear tutorial which should cover the folowing subjects atleast. which parts do i need which tools would i need ( atm all i have is a...