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    Tesla Coil Build Thread

    very awesome, maybe ill start one of these for a summer project...
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    Laserglow 589nm Rigel HV Pro-50 Review

    :cryyy: it's so beautiful! I can't wait until the price on these drops... Thatll probly be forever though :(
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    Locking Aluminum Carrying Case for Collection

    I am beginning to make a collection of lasers that have relativley small hosts. So far I have a small 250mW 650nm laser from O-like, and a C-6 based 1W 445nm laser. I hope to find similar sized hosts that I can complete my collection of with a 100mW 532nm and a 300mW 405nm laser. I have seen...
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    Windforce became a Jedi Master - Firedragon 500mW+ Green laser beamshot session

    Siickk ! How long of an exposure time was your camera set to? That fanning effect looks great!
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    Worst Diode Ever lol (PIX)

    I'm sorry if the wording of my original post implies that i "wasted my money" using Survival Lasers, I certainly did not mean it in that way. I simply wanted to show the unique "parallel beam" effect I was getting with the diode, and I definitely will continue to purchase pieces from SL. I am...
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    Worst Diode Ever lol (PIX)

    hahah then maybe ill hang on to this and let raise more undead diodes :D
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    Worst Diode Ever lol (PIX)

    I recently purchased a 445nm diode from Survival Lasers. It was packaged very securely, but I am pretty sure i got one of the most inefficient 445nm diodes evvvver ^_^ I was very careful with installing this into my C6 host, for i know the dangers of static... but I am positive I just have a...
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    DIY Laser Eye Surgery

    best results with pre-perscribed contact lenses
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    Any way of saving the poor thing?

    Hey guys, I have been testing out a microboost driver ran with a single 18650. Attempting to fit the driver inside a pill of a c6 host, i noticed my leads had shorted out, and now the driver shows a constant current of only 210mA :( did I break my driver? There was smoke coming out of the...
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    The New Buck/Boost High Output Driver

    And you say this supports both a boost and buck mode?! :drool: good work!
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    Considering Driver Efficiency

    thanks guys :) i purchased a microboost drive recently, and i will most like order the microflex and moh's designed linear driver to play around with all three for comparisons... :/ now i need a better soldering iron...
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    DVDRW Case 4 Motor Spirograph

    Just thought, you might want to check out Sigurthr's schematic of a 555timer setup for pulsing the laser unit, if you had an adjustable pot. to adjust the frequency, you could get some interesting effects if combined with the spirograph :beer...
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    First 445nm Build (ghetto)

    Funny, because i actually had the same idea when i first built a 200mw red laser, i used the blue side from the 3-D glasses to protect my eye(s), ...and then i experimented and saw how quickly lasers burn through the thin plastic...:eek: If you all thought the pipe fittings were ghetto, I...
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    How to pulse a laser?

    ^.^ thanks Sigurthr, cant wait to try this out later tonight
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    No goggles, Watch if you dare...

    :p I think the laser-to-the mouth part scared me the most... so close to his eyes