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    Gun Discussion

    I'm with you on 45 acp. It really is a dream round other than the bulk it adds to compacts. But for me it shoots as clean and easy as 9mm. I have small hands so as I said beforem .40 cal and of coarse 10mm are not a good fit for me. I buy my ammo mostly from CTD. They have the best prices I...
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    Anything about extraterrestrial life

    saw it a few weeks ago and it was one of the best films I have seen in years. Definitely one to go see. Alaskan I thought of you while watching it. It was nice to see a non hollywood blockbuster action thriller on the topic of alien contact. I still think we will have confirmed contact in my...
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    Gun Discussion

    @Redcowboy- you we're correct sorry I should have explained the features of the trigger better. I have always liked the simplicity yet safe design of the Glocks. I always carry with one in the pipe. In fact I feel its foolish not too. I went with the G19 as it is a decent size for concealed...
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    Gun Discussion

    Bought my CCW carry pistol. Decided on the Glock 19 gen 4. I like the pistol grip rear options and went with the beaver tail. Feels perfect in my hand. I also like the finger grooves the gen 4 has. Im going to replace the trigger with Haley Strategic's trigger group. It duplicates the trigger...
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    Looking for a near 200mw Greenie

    I also own 2 Sanwus and they are very well made. Also very unique non OEM styles to their hosts. I have the 150mW 520 and its a beast. Feels great in the hand and they have a lot of keyless entry options.
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    Looking for a near 200mw Greenie

    Ditto what Sta said. I own a few different lasers from BTB and am always impressed with their quality. Very fair pricing too for what you get. I think had I bought a BTB laser sooner into the hobby I probably would have stuck with them for most of my WL's. Now if they only had rare colors that...
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    Review: DL Spartan 589nm 50mw

    Congrats Bruce. I couldn't be happier with my 589 Spartan as well. That is one laser I will never part with. Mine has almost the exact same power graph as yours. It's peaked in the high 80's before if the battery is super freshly charged. That pic of yours close up of the beam exiting the host...
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    WTB: Any 561nm

    Sta- Im glad you love it as much as I did. It was a hard laser to part with but it isn't very practical for photography so I would rather have another person enjoy it then it just sit in a case. Enjoy and happy holidays to you all!
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    Gun Discussion

    RC- Nice collection my friend. I really like the feel of the full sized Glocks. Its a hard call to make 17 or 19 for me. But I don't have the funds for both so better to go with something I can carry like the 19. I agree its best to walk away without incident and TBH carrying isn't very...
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    Cheated by tomfire1735

    Before I took my hiatus from LPF I attempted to buy 2 PGL-C's from Tomfire. One a 589 the other a 593.5. It was a very stressful shit show with $1400 of mine on the line. Thank god I had the sense to insist on paying as goods and services and ponying up the 3% to cover my ass. still don't know...
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    Gun Discussion

    My hands are pretty small so the 40 cal G23 was too jumpy. 2-3 shot groups we difficult to keep tight for me. I bought the 23 when I worked at the Gun shop in the early 90's when LEO was moving away from the 10mm to .40 cal for the same reasons. Only they then found themselves in the same boat...
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    I'm back! How's it been going?

    Welcome back Rive. Hope your studies are going good. Sounds like you are a hard worker so I'm sure they are.
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    Gun Discussion

    @RC- Nice video. It truly is amazing. I don't really plan on using subsonic ammo that often. Even with super sonic ammo today's suppressors make them ear safe for no hearing protection as well as give the feral hog hunter a massive advantage. You can herd the sounder with the impact of the...
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    Gun Discussion

    @RC- My barrel twist rate is 1/7 and ammo is 147 grain. I agree and for hunting use 110 grain but bulk affordable ammo seems to usually be 147 grain. Those targets were bench rest and not rapid fire. I really love the trigger I bought from Stoner. Cant beat the crisp break it has for just $60...
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    LPF's Presidential Candidate Vote USA

    Oh right I see what you meant now. It still amazes me that we emit more GHG than even China who has zero regulations or restrictions and twice as much manufacturing as the US.