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    14x Blu-Ray Burners

    I'm givin' er all she's got Cap'n, If I push any harder the whole thing's gonna blow!:D
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    Obamas "The Beast" Given A £10 Fine

    Funniest thing having to do with the President I have seen in recent history. Gerald Ford's various pratfalls beat it by a mile though.
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    1-2 Watt 445nm Tutorial (w/ Pictures )

    Nice build and tutorial, welcome to the fold.
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    New Member

    Welcome, it is always good to hear from a new member familiar with safety.
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    Best laser for under $20

    I thought it was just some of us Americans that called the great frozen north Canuckistan.:angel: And yes green is definitely the way to go for visibility. Each of your listed choices should serve you well though I have seen numerous posts about very slow service from DinoDirect.
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    Seller refusing to sell.

    If earthworms had square buttholes, there would be no need for brickyards.:thinking: You would need very small trowels though:whistle:
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    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    Security closure / locking pin removal device? put it on with top halves together and twist to remove?
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    Can 1 watt 445nm blind you?

    OP, let me write your next question for you.... If I shoot myself in the chest with a large caliber weapon, will I die? just sayin'
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    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    It was a late reply, Millirad mentioned Brazil nuts and radioactivity earlier.
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    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    Brazil nuts have high concentrations of selenium too. I was happy to get one right and will find something to post maybe later, cleaning up for insurance adjuster to come to see hail damage.
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    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    Phased array radar
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    what is the most dangerous colour laser ?

    Coherent light with high power density is dangerous. Fairly straightforward.
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    Guess the Movie

    I got nothin'
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    Guess the Movie

    Anselm, you beat me by mear seconds
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    Guess the Movie

    The Great Escape