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    Use laser to send morse code?

    Here's a link that is interesting Using laser pointers for voice communications
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    RGB hand-held laser

    No problem Isaac. Here is a link to the album Laser Pointer Slideshow by pumpu9 | Photobucket I've uploaded the set of photos now to PB, I'll update the links as soon as my daughter stops hogging the bandwidth !!! ATB MM
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    RGB hand-held laser

    Hi Isaac, I have a Pbucket account. I'll upload the full set of photos and then just have to slog through updating all the links -:cryyy: ATB MM
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    RGB hand-held laser

    Photos are back ( flipin Imageshack don't do a free service anymore) I'll re-host the picks on another site and re do the links some time. Atb MM
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    RGB hand-held laser

    Hi, I don't know whats happened, but I'll rehost the photos and edit the links - it will take a couple of days but I'll get the photos back :-) ATB MM
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    Laser into the night sky, How far am I seeing it?

    There was exactly the same discussion a while ago - The conclusion was it's more related to the "vanishing point" effect rather than layers in the atmosphere. Cypro explained it very well. ATB MM
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    What is the wavelength of true brown?

    I'm waiting for "what is the wavelength of true black" thread.... and I do hope Cyp starts another poll.
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    What is the wavelength of pure yellow?

    Pure yellow is the colour of your wee after drinking a pint of lemon juice - science fact ;-)
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    Laser Ethernet Data Link

    Maybe be take a step back - Perhaps it is less of a technical challenge to design a system that prevents a fixed ethernet cable / fibre optic from being snagged than designing a reliable laser link ??? ATB MM
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    What is the wavelength of true brown?

    The weight that 4 meters of gallons smells like Ahhhahahah. I need a laser to weld my sides back together - best "wavelength" poll ever :-)
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    ARDUINO & DAC for XY projector

    Hi Camvo, It's been a while, hope you're OK and the project is going well :-) ATB MM
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    RGB hand-held laser

    Hi DTR, What would be the combined output using simgle modes you sell? I have a few sets of the mechanical parts for the handheld and over the winter have a go at building another RGB Handheld using SM diodes. Thunderdome, to reverse the question, what are you willing to pay :-) ATb MM
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    Assistance appreciated!

    Good try, but that sounds like an infinite extrapolation of the facts :D I'd love to hear what a physicist from CERN would make of that;) ATB MM
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    Assistance appreciated!

    I am a minnow in the pool of knowledge, so I keep an open mind to things I don't have experience of or understand.....BUT, I'm having a real hard time to not to LOL at post #1 Good luck finding aliens, I hope they don't think you're trying to shoot their flying saucer down or if you do meet up...
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    Introducing the Rubicon LPM and the Delta Line of LPM's

    Very nice job guys +1 +1 ATB MM